Restore hope to marriages in crisis

When a couple’s marriage is facing significant challenges, they often don’t know what to do. They try to make their marriage work on their own or with professional help – but when even that doesn’t work, they start to believe that their only option is divorce.

Couples in crisis need an alternative to living in a loveless marriage or choosing divorce.

They need a proven program that will give them a framework for healing, the tools to work through the issues that brought them to this point, and a pathway to hope. That’s why we brought the Hope Restored marriage intensive program to Canada!

By giving to the Hope Restored – Registration Assistance Fund, you will save marriages in crisis when they can’t afford the registration on their own. With your donation, Canadian couples in crisis will have access to the Hope Restored marriage intensives, which have a proven track record of restoring hope to marriages.

Will you donate today to help save marriages that are in crisis?

Yes, I want to give hope to couples so they can restore their marriage and avoid divorce. Here’s my donation: