Double your impact for struggling families so they don't give up

The number of issues families are facing today is making life difficult for many and some are reaching their breaking point. Whether it’s prodigal children, fractured marriages, strained relationships with adult children, feeling the tension of raising kids while caring for aging parents, or the cultural pressures facing children, tweens and teens, the pressures are taking a toll on families.

Every day we hear from families who need help and guidance to deal with the difficulties they are facing. Focus on the Family Canada exists to help families navigate whatever situation they’re facing so they can thrive with the hope and joy of Jesus, even as they face trials.

Will you make a special year-end donation to make sure each family looking for support in 2024 is able to access life-changing help based on God’s truth?

With your doubled donation, couples will get proven marriage-saving support so they can work through challenges and create a stronger, richer relationship. Parents will be equipped with biblically based resources that will help them guide their children through the numerous cultural pressures they’re facing. And for those needing personalized care, our counselling team is available to speak with them over the phone for a free one-on-one phone consultation. Without your support, none of this would be possible.

Will you donate right now so every couple and family looking for help now and in 2024 can be provided with the life-changing, biblically based help they need? Every dollar will make a difference.

A few friends of the ministry, who want to help us finish the year strong, agreed to MATCH DONATIONS received between now and December 31 – up to $125,000!

Your support will ensure families have access to help when they need it most! Thank you for being a part of this important work to strengthen families with God’s hope for their situation.

Yes, I want to equip families with life-changing, biblically based resources so they can thrive with the hope and joy of Jesus, even as they face trials! Here’s my special year end donation: